From: Netherlands

Dance/Electronica, House Dance, Electro House

Producer Dj Burak Yeter’s musical adventure which started in his early ages has spread till today.

He started to make music in the genre of HipHop, RnB, Drum n Base by establishing a group named Tatbikat in 1999.

He got first place in the Dj contest of 2004 MTV&Burn held with the participation of “Masters At Work' who had been nominated for Grammy award.

By also coming second in the competition of ‘2004 Miller Master Dj Contest' held by Miller, he proved himself one more time.

He released the first solo DJ album in Cassette/CD format under the name of ‘FOR ACTION' with the label of DSM in 2005.

When he turned 25, he prepared his 2nd album and released his new album with the label of DSM consisting mostly Chill Out with the purpose of supporting global warming efforts under the name of 'For Message Vol 2' in 2007.

He has made highly reputable arrangements and remixes to powerful names such as Depeche Mode, Black Eyed Peas, Alicia Keys, Adele, Skylar Grey, Gotye, JayZ&Kanye West, The Beatles, David Guetta, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra, Hot Rod, Truth Hurts, Bruno Mars, Kid Cudi, James Brown, Schiller, James Brown, Patrick Hernandez until today.

He received education in sound engineering in SAE which is accepted as one of the best schools in the world. Thanks to it, he found opportunity to work in the studios in England.

Upon signing an agreement with Pioneer, he participated in Pioneer Dj team and started giving certificated professional education by carrying out the duty of headship of Connection Dj school opened in a lot of places. He trained nearly 1700 certified students.

He received the best Remix awards in 16th Kral Tv Music Awards in May 2010 and 18th Kral Tv Music Awards in 2012.        

When the time came to the first week of 2012, he made a work with Hot Rod we know from G-UNIT group. A clip was also shot for the work they made under the name of Mr.International.    

With the name of ''Everybody'' he created a track with Truth Hurts and a clip also shot for this track. The clip was broadcasted on many TV channels particularly on MTV.

By being ranked as The Best Dj in Turkey for the last 4 years in row, he made performances in clubs and festivals in nearly 50 different countries.   

He built a website under the name of Connection Radio Show. He started releasing the sets presented on Connection Radio Show website by Mc Gee, who is one of the best Mc's in the world, regularly through Soundcloud, Youtube and i-tunes at the same time.  

By taking a decision to move in Amsterdam in 2012, he started working with many Dj and musician. Upon signing an agreement with Nope Is Dope in 2013, he started performing in the events in Netherlands and its surroundings.

He concentrated on a brand-new project implemented by him and Dawn Richard Dirty Money. He also shot a clip for the track they created together.

Yeter who attaches importance to its stage show is concurrently preparing to build his brand new-stage exclusive to him.

BY who released his album named Blue in 2013 continues to have sleepless nights for music lovers while going on displaying performances at a fast pace in home and abroad.