Vin Gordon (aka Trommie, Don D. Junior or Don Drummond Jr) (born 4 August 1949) is a Jamaican trombone player. Gordon grew up in Jones Town, Kingston, Jamaica as one of eight children. He went to Kingston's catholic Alpha Boys School where he learned to play trombone and string bass. One of his tutors was Lennie Hibbert. After graduating from Alpha in the mid 1960s, he played in the Salvation Army Band in Montego Bay, and was then brought by Alphonso to Studio One, where he backed The Wailers on their "monumental rude-boy tune "Jailhouse"" (Katz).

At Studio One Gordon met Lee Perry and played with many reggae artists during the rock steady years. He played on records by Bibi Seaton, The Heptones, Bob Andy and Keith Hudson.

One solo album was produced by Lee Perry in 1973 (Musical Bones), which was originally released on DIP in the UK on blank labels in 300 copies only. There are rumours that the horn solos for this album have not been played by Gordon, but by Rico Rodriguez in a London recording studio.