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Södra Sandby, Sweden

Tingsek, first name Magnus, was born in 1978 and raised in the small town of Södra Sandby in the lush countryside of southern Sweden. Tingsek began his musical career in his early teens. Together with older brother Anders (who in 2008 co-produced "Too Many Feelings at The Same Time"), young Tingsek was introduced to the world of live music when the two siblings began rehearsing in the basement of their local school; a collaboration that has continued throughout the years and on to this very day.

Throughout the years he has played and collaborated with a multitude of different bands and musicians; Sideshow Bob, Loosegoats, Timbuktu, Fjärde Världen, Adam Tensta, Slakah the Beatchild, Ane Brun, Ebrahim, Svante Lodén, Chords, Pauline, Sarah Dawn Finer, Paula Nelson and many more. In 2005 he released his self-titled debut album ("Tingsek", V2 Records/Universal). More albums followed; "World of Its Own" (2006) and "Too Many Feelings at The Same Time" (2008). Being a multi-talented musician Tingsek masters not just one but many instruments; drums, guitar, bass, pedal steel, the piano and much more. Furthermore, Tingsek has to date produced & mixed all his recordings himself, as well as having played the majority of the instruments.

The partnership with Universal Music eventually came to an end in 2009, which prompted Tingsek to start his own label, World Of Its Own Recordings, together with long-time business partner Camilla Nordahl. Shortly thereafter, his fourth (but first to be on his own label) full-length album was released: the aptly named "Restless Soul".