Supersystem was a band from Washington, D.C. described as a mix of rock, punk, pop and dance music. Originally El Guapo, the group changed their name because of potential legal issues, a new drummer, and general dislike of the original name. El Guapo consisted of keyboardist Pete Cafarella, guitarist Rafael Cohen, bassist Justin Destroyer (Justin Moyer), and drummer Nate Smith; Smith left the band before they signed to Dischord. Supersystem consisted of Cafarella, Cohen, Moyer, and drummer Joshua Blair.

The group disbanded in November 2006. Moyer now plays guitar and sings in the band Antelope, and also records and tours under the name "Edie Sedgwick"; Blair drums in Orthrelm; Cafarella and Smith play in the duo Shy Child; and Cohen is an indie DJ.