Sean Kent is a stand-up comic and television writer. He is also the 2009 Seattle International Comedy Competition champion. Originally from Austin, Texas, Kent resides in Los Angeles, California. Best known for his stand-up comedy appearances on Showtime, Kent was also as a series regular on the NBC show Last Comic Standing (seasons 1 & 3). His comedy has been critically acclaimed by Rolling Stone Magazine and XM Radio who called his debut CD "An instant classic!"

Kent also has worked as a writer, authoring the CBS special "Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials", doing punch-up on the CBS show "Yes, Dear," and writing on staff for the "Best Damn Sports Show Period" on Fox Sports Net.

Early years

Kent attended Hyde Park Baptist Private School until he was 18 where he lettered in Varsity Basketball and Cross Country. He was almost expelled several times but managed to graduate with a 3.4 GPA and get accepted to the University of Texas at Austin.

After high school Kent attended UT for 2 years but dropped out in 1994 to move to Los Angeles and pursue stand-up comedy and acting.

Big breaks and bigger obstacles

In 2003 Kent landed his first staff writing job on a show, "The Best Damn Sports Show Period". While writing for "Best Damn" he was diagnosed with (stage III Hodgkin's lymphoma) cancer. Kent didn't leave his job but underwent chemotherapy one day a week, sometimes putting in 50 to 60 hours a week at the writing desk despite his weakened condition.

After three months of chemotherapy and 35 days of radiation therapy Kent was pronounced in remission. Shortly after finishing treatment, he auditioned and was subsequently chosen as a series regular for Last Comic Standing Season One.

Almost immediately after Last Comic Standing wrapped Kent received news that his cancer had recurred. He underwent an intensive chemotherapeutic procedure known as an autologous bone marrow transplant which involved radically high doses of chemotherapy and long stays in the hospital. During one stay at City of Hope National Medical Center Kent developed an infection in his chest port and lost over 90 pounds.

A week after finishing treatment and getting out of the hospital in October 2003, Kent (then reduced to a self-described "hairless stick-figure") ignored doctor's orders to lie low and went on a month long road trip around the U.S. saying, "I had seen too much ugliness in the recent past. Too many hospitals, too much death. I needed to stand on a cliff and soak up something beautiful, something bigger than the sterile hallways and sad eyes I'd been surrounded with for the past year." Spiritually rejuvenated after his travels, Kent returned to stand-up.


Kent was the first person voted off on Season 1 of Last Comic Standing. Kent competed on season 3 as well, making it through 6 of 8 total episodes before being voted off.

In 2005 Kent was asked to give the keynote address at the 29th Annual City of Hope Bone Marrow Transplant Reunion. He now regularly speaks at cancer fundraisers, most recently sharing a bill with Will Ferrell.

In 2009 Kent won the prestigious 30th annual Seattle International Comedy Competition and appeared on Showtime's Green Collar Comedy Slam, a left-leaning stand-up comedy show where he skewered Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and their ilk.

Most often now Kent can be seen as a headliner at comedy clubs and colleges across the United States and internationally in Canada, the UK and beyond.


In August 2005 Kent recorded and released his first hour-long comedy CD. The CD deconstructs pop-culture, politics, drug laws, and attitudes about sex in America, including a riff on the Terri Schiavo case.

It also includes an outtake track of Kent battling a drunk woman in the audience plus the song Your Genitals are Evil - which was co-written with Tom Von Doom, formerly of the band Cycle Sluts From Hell.

In 2010 Kent released his second CD, "Waiting for the Rapture", for Uproar Entertainment.

The Laugh Button has called it "... a jolt of hilarious though sometimes painful honesty. Tackling topics of 21st Century America, such as politics, Wal-Mart, hippies, recycling, Anderson Cooper and fundamentalist Christians. His appeal is to anyone who's ever felt themselves an outcast, rebel, or dissatisfied with the world, while trying to figure out where it all went wrong."