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Sade (pronounced /ʃɑːˈdeɪ/ shah-day) is a British smooth jazz band that formed in 1983, named for Nigerian lead singer Sade Adu. Their music features elements of R&B, soul, jazz, and soft rock.

Sade's debut album, Diamond Life, went Top Ten in the U.K. in late 1984 and sold platinum. In 1986, Sade won a Grammy for Best New Artist. Sade's US certified sales so far stands at 23.5 million units according to Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), and has sold more than 50 million units worldwide to date. They were ranked at #50 on VH1's list of the 100 greatest artists of all time.

The musical group, Sade, was formed in 1982, when members of a Latin soul band, Pride, that included Sade Adu, Stuart Matthewman, and Paul Spencer Denman, together with Paul Anthony Cook, formed a break-away group and began to write their own material. Andrew Hale joined the band in 1983, but left in 1984. Sade, named after the lead singer, Sade Adu, made its debut performance in December 1982 at Ronnie Scott's Club in London in support of Pride. In May 1983 the band performed its first US show at Danceteria Club in New York City. Sade received more attention from the media and record companies than Pride, and eventually separated from that group. On 18 October 1983 the band signed with Portrait Records. All Sade albums were released through this label until it was absorbed by its parent label, Epic Records, in 1986.