Rhett Walker Band is a Christian Alternative-Southern Rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. The band is composed of Rhett Walker Canipe on vocals, Kenny Davis on drums, Joe Kane on guitar. The band will release their debut studio album under the Essential Records label on July 10, 2012 called Come to the River. The band's debut single "When Mercy Found Me" has achieved placement on many radio stations including K-LOVE, and has charted on a multitude of Christian music charts. ,


Rhett Walker Band frontman Rhett Walker Canipe is a preacher's kid. Walker started his rebellious stage at the age of 16, when his family moved from his hometown, and during that time he used drugs and hung out with the wrong crowd. This would have consequences for Walker because at the age of 17, he got a girl he was with pregnant. They met while at a Christian school that Walker's parents sent him to in order for him to straighten out his life. After this they both committed their lives to Christ, and started living right. This girl would later become his wife, who is named April. Walker loved music, but he could not sing as a youngster that caused him to learn how to play the drums. The band formed in 2011 and consist of Walker and the additions of Kenny Davis, who plays drums, and the guitarist Joe Kane.


The band has released their debut single called "When Mercy Found Me" on April 23, 2012, and it has been steadily rising up the Christian charts. The song has risen all the way to No. 19 on the Hot Christian Songs chart, No. 20 on the Hot Christian AC chart and now at No. 14 on the Christian AC Indicator chart. These chart positions were all for the week of June 25th, 2012. This song was written by Rhett Walker and Jeff Pardo. The song is from the bands' upcoming debut album Come to the River that releases on July 10, 2012 by Essential Records. Walker said they wrote 50 songs while coming up with songs for the record.