Moonbabies is a Swedish duo formed in 1997 by core members Ola Frick (Vocals, Guitar and misc. Instruments) and Carina Johansson (Vocals & Keys). Their earliest efforts recalled early Indie/Shoegazer influences by bands like My Bloody Valentine, Ride and The Pixies, but with their 2004 album The Orange Billboard, developed into more sophisticated pop music with a touch of The Beach Boys and The Beatles, as well as experimentation with electronics. The Single/Mini-album War on Sound was released in 2005 and became an immediate indie-anthem and followed success on radio and TV-shows like Grey's Anatomy. In 2007 Moonbabies at the Ballroom was released, a somewhat more constructed and song-oriented album including Take me to the Ballroom, Shout it Out, Walking on my Feet and Cocobelle which all were frequently aired on college radio world-wide and included in several TV shows and commercials.