While you probably haven’t heard Michael’s music on the radio, you’ve undoubtedly heard his work in one of the literally thousands of commercials he scored for clients like Apple, Coca-Cola, Disney and Nike. But he’s not just a composer-for-hire: Michael is also building a significant discography — 22 CDs to date — as a solo recording artist, working in pop, jazz, classical, electronic and those fascinating, unclassifiable spaces in between. Released in January of 2009, “The Tree of Life” (Spout/MWM), is a free download of ambient compositions inspired by the awe-inspiring visits that he has made to the Redwood forests of central California. Also coming in 2009, “The Road of Ghosts”, a recording where Michael’s ambient, film scoring and classical voices meet together on the same project at the same time along with one new element - the boy can sing! Stay tuned for this one. Also coming, “Dancing in Black and White” - a collection of Michael’s best solo piano recordings.