Los Jairas are a folk music band from Bolivia. They have worked with Los Condores. Their work features the charango, a stringed instrument from Bolivia.

They were formed in 1965 by Gilbert Favre, founder of the folklore cabaret La Pena Naira in La Paz .

Members of the band:

Ernesto Cavour - charango,

Edgar Joffré - voice, drums, zampoña,

Julio Godoy,

Gilbert Favre - quena,

Favre was a Swiss jazz player who played the quena with great skill and sensitivity.

On several of their albums, they featured Alfredo Dominguez, one of the finest Bolivian guitar players who wrote and composed many songs. His appearance on the album Grito de Bolivia was the highlights of Los Jairas' research into neo-folklore.

Partial discography:

Los Jairas,

Edgar Joffre - Los Jairas,

Grito de Bolivia- Los Jairas (1967),

Sempre con...Los Jairas (1969),

Edgar "Yayo" Joffre y Los Jairas (1969),

La Flute Des Andes (1970),

Lo Mejor de los Jairas (1974),

Los Jairas en vivo (1976),

Canto a la viva (1978),

Al Pueblo de mis Ancestros (1992)