Massa, Italy

Labyrinth (also known as Labÿrinth) is a power metal band formed in 1991 in Massa, Italy. The band underwent a change in style and themes after the departure of Olaf Thorsen in 2002. Labyrinth formed in 1991 with a lineup of Franco Rubulotta (Frank Andiver-drums), Luca Contini (Ken Taylor-keyboards), Andrea Bartoletti (bass guitar), Andrea Cantarelli (Anders Rain-lead guitar), Carlo Andrea Magnani (Olaf Thorsen-lead guitar), Fabio Tordiglione (Joe Terry-vocals).

The band released their first demo "Midnight Resistance". The demo got enthusiastic reviews in major metal magazines in Italy and Germany and that gave them the chance to sign with Underground Symphony, a new indie record label. Andrea Bartoletti left the band and was replaced by Chris Breeze (Cristiano Bertocchi). "Piece of Time", their first EP, marked the direction the band was taking: pure melodic speed metal with a keyboards-background.

In 1995, "No Limits" was released and the interest in the band grew among metal fans and independent labels. The popularity of the band increased not only in the Italy and in Europe, but also overseas where some labels (Teichiku Records in Japan) offered to distribute the album. The band was in the metal magazine "Burrn!"'s top ten charts for almost six months. Joe Terry (Fabio Tordiglione) left the band and later becoming the frontman with Rhapsody of Fire.