King Solomon Hill (1897, McComb, Mississippi - 1949, Sibley, Louisiana) was a bluesman who recorded a small handful of songs in 1932. Hill is speculated to have been Joe Holmes, a self-taught guitarist from Mississippi. As of 2007 King Solomon Hill has eight known recordings which are as follows: "Whoopee Blues" (Take 1), "Whoopee Blues" (Take 2), "Down on My Bended Knee" (Take 1), "Down on My Bended Knee" (Take 2), "The Gone Dead Train", "Tell Me Baby", "My Buddy Blind Papa Lemon", "Times Has Done Got Hard", Popular culture references, "The Gone Dead Train" was used as the title for a ninth-season episode of the television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and actually is briefly played in the episode, along with mention of King Solomon Hill as the artist. The 1969 film Performance, directed by Nicholas Roeg and Donald Cammell and starring Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull, contains a song called "The Gone Dead Train," performed by Randy Newman. However, this is a rewrite by Jack Nitzsche and Russ Titelman and bears only a passing resemblance to "The Gone Dead Train" as performed by King Solomon Hill. As noted by rock critic Greil Marcus, the "dead train" in the Newman version is used as a metaphor for impotence. In Hill's original, the train appears to literally refer to an actual locomotive, which Hill referred to as a "Death Train."