Hamburg, Germany

Fünf Sterne deluxe ("Five Stars Deluxe") was a German-language hip-hop band from Hamburg, Germany, founded in mid-1997, consisting of the rappers Das Bo (Mirko Bogojevic) and Tobi Tobsen (Tobias Schmidt), the graphic designer Marcnesium (Marc Clausen), and the disc jockey DJ Coolmann (Mario Cullmann). They released two full length albums and a number of singles and EPs. DJ Coolmann left the band in 2003 for unknown reasons, while the remaining members continued to perform until late 2004, when the group was formally dissolved. In the mid 90s, Das Bo and Tobi Tobsen had already made an impression in the German hip-hop scene as Der Tobi & Das Bo with their album Genie und Wahnsinn liegen dicht beieinander and the accompanying singles "Der Racka" and "Morgen geht die Bombe hoch". Tobi had also been a member of the English-language hip-hop crew Poets of Peeze and a founding member of Fettes Brot. They released another album, Genies & Wahnsinn... (Wir sind die Best Ofs) and two further singles, "Is' mir egal" and "Wir sind die Besten", before teaming up with Marcnesium (who had been working with DJ Koze under the name Adolf Noise) and DJ Coolmann to form Fünf Sterne deluxe. Marcnesium is a professional graphic designer, who primarily worked on the visual aspects of the band and was rarely involved with the actual music production. Live, he often played a sampler and supported the two rappers with vocal samples that he modified with an attached vocoder.