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Odessa, Ukraine

Flëur is a musical collective from the Ukrainian city of Odessa, being quite unique for the Ukrainian musical scene. The collective is based around the two original members and frontwomen Olga Pulatova (Ольга Пулатова) and Olena Voinarovska (Олена Войнаровська) who write the lyrics, perform vocals and previously wrote all the music. Although currently the whole collective takes part in making music and arrangements, lyrics are still written solely by Olena and Olga. Flëur's musical genre is hard to define as it combines many influences. Flëur originated as cooperation of the two singer-songwriters and the music still bears a tiny resemblance to the genre, yet from the very beginning it was in a way different from typical singer-songwriter music. First official releases also had a touch of neoclassic/ethereal music. Because of the difficulties with picking the right term for Flëur's music, the collective itself created the term "cardiowave" (which later gave title to an independent recording label from Odessa which was releasing some of Flëur's sideprojects), but when it comes to more usual terms Flëur usually gets labeled as dream pop. The texts of the label Prikosnovénie spoke of resemblance with Cocteau Twins, All about Eve and Bel Canto.