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Filth is a hardcore punk band from East Bay, California. Biography, Formed in the East Bay in 1989, from the ashes of Isocracy, the Vagrants, and Crimpshrine; Filth was a crustcore band that would help define the later "East Bay Hardcore" style. The band combined the more upbeat, sometimes poppy guitar styles of Isocracy's Lenny Rokk with harsh screamed vocals, courtesy of Crimpshrine roadie, Jake Sayles. The rhythm section was composed of an East Bay punk known as Mike-o the Psycho on bass, and Jim Gray on drums, also on guitar was Dave (E.C.) Henwood of the Vagrants. Dave left the band after recording the shit split LP (1990) and Toby was brought in to replace him. They released a split album with Blatz, known as the Shit Split (1991), which is now available on CD, containing both bands complete discography via, and the This Is Why We Are the Drunks split 7" with Submachine. Toby left the band, and Joey of Blatz stepped in shortly before the band's premature 1991 break-up. Aftermath, Len Rokk and Mike-O Psycho were some of the founding members of Strychnine in 1995, and both left the band after recording the Dead Rats and Oakland Dogs LP, for Len's (now defunct) label, East Bay Menace Records. Mike and Jake founded a band with Shoshanna Wheaton and members of Queen Mab and Talk Is Poison, called Fields Of Shit, who only recorded one 10" EP before disbanding. It is available via Life Is Abuse. Jim moved back to Canada and formed a band called Tension, who released a CD called "War Cry" on Cargo Music/Grilled Cheese Records, and later joined the Exploited. Jake, Clara (Hue and Cry), Jerry (Fields of Shit), and Mauze (Dystopia, Life Is Abuse Records) formed Abandon in 2003, and in 2004, 5 songs were released on a compilation titled Letters From the Landfill, on Left Off The Dial Records. Abandon is broken-up. Dave later played in the Wynona Riders and later the Vagrants reformed as Pot Valiant. Filth has re-united and three shows were announced. June 4 at the 924 Gilman Street, another on June 5 at The Hazmat in Oakland, CA, and another June 10 at The Uptown (21+) In Oakland, CA. Members, Jake Sayles - Vocals, later of Fields of Shit, Abandon, Wild Dog Gods, Blackie and Our Mother of Sorrows., Len Rokk - Guitar, formerly of Isocracy and later of Strychnine, Jim Gray - Guitar, Later of The Exploited and Tension, Derek Dykeman aka Dick Vain of Soap and Spikes magazine and label - Drums - 90/91 - a brief 6 weeks, never toured or recorded with the bandFriend of Jim Gray from Canada also went on to play drums briefly in Tension., , "Mike-O the Psycho" - Bass, later of Strychnine and Fields Of Shit, Dave E.C. Henwood - Drums, formerly of the Vagrants and later of Wynona Riders pot valiant, the tantrums,and three years down also ruby deville & the sons of coco county., "Toby" - Drums, Ben Econochrist - Bass, before the band found Mike-O the Psycho, also of Econochrist and many other Oakland Punk bands, Joey Perales - Drums, formerly of Blatz, later joined Jack Acid, Dead and Gone and Creeps on Candy