Enter the Haggis is a Canadian Indie/Scottish/Folk Rock world-fusion band based in Toronto, Canada. Commonly called ETH, the band has been playing and recording since 1996. Their latest studio album, "Whitelake" is the band's ninth album.

The name is a reference to the diverse nature of the band's sound. Like Haggis (the food) the sound of ETH is a mixture of diverse and unusual elements, brought together to create something new.

Since its birth in 1996, ETH has kept a rigorous concert schedule, playing in wide ranging venues in Canada, Europe, and the United States. They have made appearances at such events as the Folk im Schlosshof in Bonfeld, Germany, the Vancouver Island MusicFest in Courtenay, BC, Irish2000 in Albany, New York, The Philadelphia Folk Fest in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Texas Scottish Fest, Rocky Mountain Highland Games and Scottish Festival, the Ann Arbor Folk Fest in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Cayamo (2011, 2012), MusikFest in Bethlehem, PA, the world famous Irish Fest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The Great American Irish Festival in Frankfort, NY, and the Dublin Irish Festival in Dublin, OH.