Christine Kittrell (August 11, 1929 - December 19, 2001) was an American R&B singer, who first recorded tracks in 1951 with Louis Brooks and his Band. In 1954 she recorded tracks for the Republic record label, two of which featured Little Richard on piano and a third with Richard as backing vocalist.

Kittrell was born in Nashville, Tennessee, United States, and went on to work with Louis Armstrong, B.B. King, Paul "Hucklebuck" Williams, John Coltrane, Johnny Otis and Earl Bostic.

In 1967, Kittrell was wounded while performing to troops in Vietnam, and recorded her final music in 1968. Throughout her life Kittrell recorded thirty four tracks for six separate labels.

Kittrell died in 2001 of emphysema at the Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.