Bob Baldwin is a New York-born contemporary jazz musician and producer.

Born December 9, 1960, Mount Vernon, NY

Bob is an American music composer, pianist, record producer, musical arranger, Pianist and compose, who learned how to play directly from his father, Robert (Bob) Baldwin, Sr. During three decades in the entertainment industry, Baldwin has humbly earned two SESAC Music awards for his 2002-2003 airplay of "the Way She Looked At Me" as well as his 2008 airplay on "", 1 Grammy Award nomination (2000), and the Sony Innovators Award in 1989 selected by Roberta Flack.

In 1986, Baldwin opened up for Trumpeter Tom Browne at NY's Bottom Line and began to work with Browne on his disc "No Longer I", one of the first recorded Gospel-Jazz albums in 1987. His work caught the ear of Danny Weiss and Dave Wilkes, and they produced Baldwin's first disc, "I've Got a Long Way To Go" on Malaco records in 1988. The project was submitted to the Sony Innovators Award

in 1989 and won first place over the group Straight Ahead. Roberta Flack was the finalist judge.

That award caught the attention of Sylvia Rhone, and he the produced 2 discs for Atlantic Jazz in 1990 and 1992 ("Rejoice" and "Reflections of Love"). "Reflections" charted top-20 on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Charts.