Among the songs which Cabán recorded are the following:

"Flor de Amapola" (Amapola Flower / Poppy);,

"Que Bonita Luna" (What a Beautiful Moon);,

"Donde vas Maria" (Where are you going Maria?);,

"Antonia" (song about Antonia Martínez killed by the police during the 1970 UPR student protest);,

"Canciones de Amantes" (Songs for Lovers);,

"Verde Luz" (Green light);,

"La Patria Va";,

"Un Metro de Ternura",


Cabán Vale has published two books with his poems; the first is entitled Un Lugar Fuera de Tiempo (A Place from Another Time) and is based on his experiences as a young man in his hometown Moca and the second Penultima Salida (The Exit Before the Last), deals with his personal quest in search for the "truth".

In 2001, the 6th International Book Fair celebrated at the Roberto Clemente Coliseum in San Juan was dedicated to Antonio "El Topo" Cabán Vale.

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This name uses Spanish naming customs; the first or paternal family name is Cabán and the second or maternal family name is Vale.