Hamburg, Germany

Beginner (formerly Absolute Beginner is a German rap group from Hamburg, consisting of Eizi Eiz, Denyo and DJ Mad. The group was founded as Absolute Beginner in 1991, initially with six members: Jan, Denyo, Mardin, DJ Burn, Nabil, Mirko, but the latter three dropped out after a few months. They started rapping in English and German with homemade beats, but later went over to rapping solely in German. During their first public appearance they met DJ Mad, who immediately joined the group.

In 1992 they released their first track, K.E.I.N.E. on the Sampler Kill the Nation With a Groove. The following year they released their first E.P., Gotting, and embarked on their first tour.

Their first proper album Flashnizm was released in 1996, to a fairly moderate commercial success. Nevertheless they produced a video for the single Natural Born Chillaz, which MTV refused to play, and went on tour throughout the German speaking countries to smaller crowds. Mardin became dissatisfied with the band's progress and left in 1997. That same year EiƟfeldt founded the Underground tape label Eimsbush, references to which are interspersed in many German hip hop tracks. Eimsbush records later developed into a full-fledged independent label, producing new acts like D-Flame and Illo77, but closed down in 2003.