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The Grunge Feel
Get into that grunge feel with the bands of the 90's
Alternative Feeling
Kick back and listen to these alternative jams.
Alternative 70s
Tune into the defining alternative hits from a decade where music changed.
80's Alternative
Plays some of the best Alternative music hits of the 80's.
Alternative Country & Americana
Plays some of the best and most interesting alternative American Country & roots music.
Alternative Hip Hop
Plays a blend of underground/alternative Hip Hop & Rap.
Plays a mix of punk music from over the years.
Alternative At The Grammys
Plays some of the best Alternative music by Grammy-nominated artists.
Punk & New Wave
Plays a mix of classic punk and new wave songs from your favorite artists.
Pop-Punk & Emo
This station will play a mix of modern pop-punk and emo tracks.
80s and 90s Alternative Metal
Plays all the grittier, tougher tracks from the alternative scene of the 80s and 90s.
Alt Pop Revival
Enjoy some of the most popular indie Rock & Pop songs ever made!
Modern Rocks Greatest
Come Jam out to the greatest modern rock hits of all time.
Alternative Country
Plays Country music that veers a bit off the mainstream path.
80s American Alternative Punk
Plays the best of 1980's American underground alternative & punk hits!
Tracks That Inspired Kurt Kobain
This playlist contains all the vintage alternative and punk track inspired by Kurt Kobain
Alternative Workout
Playlist of some of the top alt rock bands, sure sure to help you power through that tough workout.
Pop-Rock & Punk Mix
Hear a mix of pop-rock and punk music from your favorite artists.
Indie Classics
Plays your favorite classic Indie tracks that will be sure to boost your mood.
Garage Rock
Rock out with the 2000's garage rock or post-punk revival bands.
Post Rock
Plays rock music that is influenced by the use of instruments associated with rock , but using rhythms not usually found in rock music.
Guitar Hero Music
Plays the best music from Guitar Hero soundtracks one-three.
Acoustic/Rock Instrumentals
Plays a collection of instrumental acoustic and Rock music.
Punk Rock Alternative Love
Plays a combination of punk rock love songs with a little twist of alternative punk.
Alternative Latin
Plays a mix of alternative Latin music with influences of rock and many other blended genres.
Alt. Rock Hits
Plays alternative Rock hits that will be sure to keep you rocking out all day and night.
Alt-Pop Reborn
Plays fun and upbeat pop music by the best alternative artists.
Cozy Evening
Plays the perfect soundscapes for relaxing and getting cozy on the couch.
90s Alternative
Break out the flannel for the era when Rock developed its distinctive alternative sound.
Kings Of Leon Inspirations
Members from the hit indie rock band Kings of Leon sharing their favorite artist with you.
Alternative Halloween
Plays a mix of great Alternative songs for your indie Halloween party.
Pop Punk Rebels
Welcome to our collection of pop punk rebel bands.